3 Mindsets to Become a Student of Life and Keep on Growing

Living Is Learning, and Learning Is Living

4 min readDec 6, 2021
Image by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Life is continuous learning and implementation process until the day you die.

Those that participate actively in this process can make something meaningful and fulfilling out of their life.

They get up each time they fall. They learn from their mistakes and others’ injustices. They find purpose in everything around them and are lifelong explorers. They suffer from pain, face fears, and refuse to give up.

But the passive players suffer the most as they become victims of their minds.

‘Learning Is for Young People’ Is a Myth.

Learning is not confined to a single phase of life but another name of your journey as a human being.

People live their life chasing a goal, a point where reaching would make them feel complete. But when they reach there, it feels emptier than ever because life is not a unidirectional road to death. It’s an endless interplay between your potential and life’s ever-changing situations.

Once you achieve something, you need something else to chase. It’s about the desire to do good, be yourself, and become better & better.

Most also think that by some age, they have discovered themselves, and life has offered them all it can to explore their potentials — it’s the foundation of a life of stagnancy. No wonder most people feel stuck as if time has just stopped for them.

Learning never stops: We learn from;

  • Families, friends, jobs
  • Accepting commitments, playing roles handed to us by life and those we chose for ourselves, growing old, suffering, loving, bearing, taking risks, and hurting.
  • New information, skills, handling anxiety, managing stress, focus & energy, not indulging in self-damaging behaviors
  • Understanding that; others are not against you or with you, they think about themselves, some people will never love you no matter how hard you try to please them.
  • Mutual dependence — meeting others’ needs and getting your needs fulfilled by them, unaffectedness — a quality that takes time and effort to build, your impact on others and others’ impact on you.

And then you come to realize through all this learning that, ‘At the end of every road you meet yourself.’ as S. N. Behrman said.

Learning Sets the Foundation of Success.

Getting to the top is not the point of life but learning and growing. Not everyone can hit the top. The thing is to keep growing. Although sometimes in life, the movement itself becomes harder, and life demands courage. However, no one should settle for anything less than their potential.

Life keeps shaking you, presenting opportunities, giving you chances to continue to live like an explorer, if only you are willing to participate actively. Live your definition of success.

Explore yourself beyond any interests for people’s sake. Turn this learning for yourself into a beneficial pursuit for the world altogether.

Although learning is not enough for success, the right knowledge of what made others successful and learning from their mistakes, a lot of failures can be avoided. Action is essential, but the knowledge of taking the right action is the foundation of success.

Leverage the wisdom that others’ learned through experience and left for us to build on top of it.

“If you have the kind of intelligence and instinct that will point you in the right direction, playing the rebel will not be dangerous. But if you are mediocre … you are better off learning from your predecessor’s knowledge and experience, which are based on something real.”
Robert Greene, The 48 Laws of Power

Learning Rewires Your Brain.

The human brain is the most complex organ; thanks to research, we now know that this complex organ is built to expand and grow.

Neuroplasticity refers to the brain’s ability to change and adapt as a result of experience. This is how you and I can kick fixed attitudes and habits in the face.

Depriving your brain to evolve and utilizing its default abilities to expand and grow is like a self-inflicted life sentence to misery.

Benefits of brain plasticity range from learning new things, enhanced cognitive abilities, recovery from traumatic experiences, and strengthening the areas of your brain that have lost or declined their functionality.

For making that happen, you wouldn’t need any surgery; rather, following your curiosity is how you trick your brain into developing new neural pathways.

You can learn a new language, explore new places by traveling, create art, read, and exercise. All of these activities improve your brain functions. Also, this is how you can keep your charm alive in a world of dead boredom of work and responsibilities.

Who says you have to be confined to the walls of a classroom to learn, life is a playground where you can learn and grow with the freedom of your choice.

By exploring yourself, learning new stuff, and going into unknown territory, you learn to live.

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