3 Mindsets to Become a Student of Life and Keep on Growing

Living Is Learning, and Learning Is Living

Image by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

‘Learning Is for Young People’ Is a Myth.

  • Families, friends, jobs
  • Accepting commitments, playing roles handed to us by life and those we chose for ourselves, growing old, suffering, loving, bearing, taking risks, and hurting.
  • New information, skills, handling anxiety, managing stress, focus & energy, not indulging in self-damaging behaviors
  • Understanding that; others are not against you or with you, they think about themselves, some people will never love you no matter how hard you try to please them.
  • Mutual dependence — meeting others’ needs and getting your needs fulfilled by them, unaffectedness — a quality that takes time and effort to build, your impact on others and others’ impact on you.

Learning Sets the Foundation of Success.

Learning Rewires Your Brain.

Depriving your brain to evolve and utilizing its default abilities to expand and grow is like a self-inflicted life sentence to misery.

Who says you have to be confined to the walls of a classroom to learn, life is a playground where you can learn and grow with the freedom of your choice.



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