How Writing Changes You As A Person?

Writing is a work of art. It’s rewarding labor that changes you as a person. Whether you pursue writing as a career or not, even writing for yourself in the form of journaling produces positive results in the short and long term.

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I didn’t realize my potential for writing until a few months back. I always had personal insights that I kept notes of, randomly here and there. Whenever I observed something interesting, a realization, or a different perspective to see things, people, and situations, I wrote. But my commitment to writing began in the recent past, specifically in 2020. That’s when I started my blog called Ruhamour.

I still am in the beginner’s phase of writing and learning as I move forward. Now when I look at myself, writing, I see growth in so many ways that I hadn’t thought of while starting. My passion for writing is only nurturing and I am even more committed to this art.

Following are some of the ponderings that I came to realize as I write. If you are wavering on the idea of whether to begin writing or not here are some of the compellers to push you either way, in deciding for yourself.

Again, I am not stating in any way that to write you must start a blog or pursue a writing career. All I am presenting to you is that writing for yourself is still profound practice that changes you to be a better person.

Commit to writing for yourself because:

You want to be a writer-

Isn’t it self-explanatory that you want to become a writer so you are convincing yourself to begin this endeavor? You want to commit to writing via winning the battle with the logical part of your brain by looking for reasons. This article can serve this purpose, as you need a push. Writing takes effort and you only would be willing to make effort if you really want a deeper dive into it. Who knows your writing may benefit others or even yourself by presenting opportunities that you didn’t realize before.

Writing builds communication skills-

Practice makes the man err less. What better way to build and improve communication skills via effectively presenting your point with your words. This artistry also reflects in your verbal communication. As you write you get to design the reader’s experience which lets you understand and use the best of approaches to communicate.

Writing and learning go hand in hand-

Did you a had the kind of breakfast, where you were only expecting one egg yolk but suddenly saw two yellow blobs on the frying pan, the moment you cracked open that lucky egg? Yeah! That did not happen to me either but writing is something that comes with an added feature of learning packaged together with other benefits that we are exploring in this article. So for those with an outlook on improving their knowledge can put writing in their arsenal.

Writing builds a personal memoir-

Not everything men and women do in life is for money. Mostly we do stuff for ourselves, some healthy others unhealthy. Writing is a gift that we give ourselves. Consistent writing is like building a castle brick by brick, each complimenting the other. In a matter of years when you look back at your writing you would find your entire life story in a personal diary or a digital collection, a memoir filled with wisdom & memories, which is worth cherishing.

Writing improves mental health-

Writing gives you a platform to express who you are and be truly yourself. You get to declutter your thoughts and direct your focus, derive meaning from life experiences, and build better connections. All of these by-products of writing improve your mental health and impart benefits to your psychological well-being.

Better dealing with hardships-

Writing builds resilience in the writer as they make their writing adapt to a given context or scenario based on the audience. This makes the writer more open to change and evolve in the face of hardships. Also, in the case of writing for yourself or journaling, it can bring forth your inclination towards available alternatives in certain life situations thus helping you in decision making. And decision-making is an essential element of going through hardships.

Writing enhances mental clarity-

When you find yourself stuck over the next sentence, or maybe a sentence isn’t making sense to you and your thoughts are moving like a hurricane, you get to realize the gaps in your thought process. With time and practice as you write those gaps are smoothly filled when identified. Once a struggle becomes a comfort. And your thinking becomes clearer.

Writing creates a change in the world-

What greater cause one can pursue to benefit others and strive to bring a positive change in the world. Fulfillment is what precedes this motive of anyone. Not everyone seeks fulfillment via writing, sure there are other alternatives but we are talking about writing here. So, if your purpose is to shake the world and make it more of a place it was always meant to be, then writing can become the pathway to your purpose.

Writing can take care of your money problems-

This one although promising is not all cupcakes and rainbows. If you are of the thought to make writing your career then be mindful of one thing — perseverance is going to be your best friend. It’s the key to growth in any area of life. When your heart is aligned with your monetary objectives, magic happens. Otherwise, you lose your will to fight in the face of adversity and your drive becomes a struggle.

While writing is surely not a venture for most but pursuing it for personal reasons and motivations is not anything less of a dream to chase for a life experience upgrade. One way or another the commitment to writing pays off. With all the mentioned after-effects of writing, you become a better person and end up refining your personality.

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